The company Engineering Sant'Anselmo is on the market as the ideal partner in supplying integrated and global solutions to face rationalisation and simplification problems in product transfer and handling in modern industry production process. Engineering Sant'Anselmo staff comes from great automation experiences acquired in machine tool fields, from logistics and food packaging. The extensive know-how comes from experience, integration capability and different provenance technology transfer. The result is a precious capacity for creating robotic systems with reliability and precision features, typical of machine tools, jointed to packaging machines flexibility and simplicity. Engineering activities characterise Engineering Sant'Anselmo product because of their quality and reliability. Feasibility study, inspections, researches and deep analysis give rise to: Technological innovations Reduction in production costs Optimisation of handling and flow Improvement in product quality and its full tracking Production process linearisation for installation response time reduction Environment respect and working safety Reduction in production changes time, maintenance and personnel training Information and technical brochure rationalisation



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